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Ryan Vizena Web Designer and Graphic Designer
Hi there, I'm Ryan Vizena and I'm a freelance Web Designer.

Cacophanies or Melodies
Web Deveopment is just a big word for "problem solver." Problems aren't always solved on the first pass, and I'm slowly learning to step back and pass the time in order to regroup. So I doodle. For me, it's simply the best way to focus and let loose at the same time. It's also what keeps a designer on their toes producing original content that can be the difference between you and success. My Behance page has some examples of pen and ink sketches.
Resourceful Bibliophile
Almost all of us have internet access, but how many of us are using the tools available in our neighborhoods? The local library is my go-to place for recycled media and a plethora of other resources at my disposal. I find the library to be the cheapest museum ever, overloaded with valuable and interesting varieties of information. I also like to make my own books and seek out inspiration from a day spent at the library. A true bibliophile's castle in the sky.
Felines in Action
I'm inhibited by the urban living and therefore cannot fulfill my dream of photographing leopards in their habitat. Instead I dedicate my lens to two agile tabby cats, Lucio and Nova. No other cats can relax so majestically as these two. Their unmatched speed when climbing a cat tree is pure beauty in motion, and I have the fortune of cleaning up after them, playing with them, bathing them, and every now and then I get to take pictures of them. My photography blog on Tumblr is fully dedicated to my two furry friends in action (only one left as of 2016). Also, I have a long term love for abstract and landscape photography and my Flickr page is chock full of pleasantries.
Mind's Eye on Pulp
Of all the diverse art forms that exist out there, music may just be the top of the pops for me. I have a deep appreciation for music, music theory, and collecting vinyl records. I also find inspiration in the paper a record is stuffed into, like a deluxe gatefold sleeve or the early concept of album covers and cover art that were introduced in the 1930's. Music can be an audible but also tangible type of art that can fully express how one is feeling. For that reason, I listen to everything from Satie to the gut wrenching sounds of The Stooges.

Web Design

Personality in projects makes any result more relevant to an audience. I get excited about rising concepts like Material Design, UI enhancements, framework flavors of the month, and designing to content instead of for it, providing a web space full of interest and freshness though a person scope.

Starting with rough sketching and wireframes (PS and Sketch), a full-fledged site suited to any project, large or small, can create a lasting identity and leave a mark in this world. As the saying goes, "the devil is in the details," and it couldn't be more true in website development. I find this especially important with CMS back-end functionality.

I possess a fair amount of strength in several different programming languages and currently utilize a workflow consisting mainly of Adobe CC, HTML5, CSS3 and Sass, JS components, Git, and npm. For larger projects I love to use CMS tools like WordPress, and I heart Drupal. Drupal web development currently carries of 95% of my daily output.

Latest Work

Peculiar and Pedestrian can have some middle ground, and that is where I want the work to carry through.

ACIS website re-design

Site Re-design with WordPress

American Council for International Students

banner image sample bakery

Banner Image for Carousel

Concept Bakery Site

Custom ecommerce website sample

E-Commerce Website with Drupal

Panic Buttons Online Shop

early design stage sketching

Logo Brainstorming

The first ideas are never the best ones

business cards sample

Personal Brand Business Cards

Printed on vellum paper

order page sample

E-commerce Order Page

Panic Buttons Online Store

Concept logo for air balloon company

Monochromatic Logo Design

Hot Air Balloon Business Concept

cat photo blog landing page

Photo Blog

Personal Tumblr Project

cat photo blog landing page

T-shirt Design

Concept clothing for HBO's True Blood

Brochure Layout Pages

Full page sample for Graphic Design book

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